Lactation support on  your  terms


I need                                      support.

Prefer to stay in your PJ’s? I’ll come to you! Not local to Sioux Falls? I can do virtual! Either way, I’ll get your questions answered and make you feel like a pro. 

meeting you where you're at

No matter what level of support you need...

No matter what  level of support  you need...

I need                                      support.

I need                                      support.

We prepare for childbirth, but often, we are underprepared for breastfeeding. Ideally, the breastfeeding relationship lasts FAR longer than labor! During this consult, I will teach you all you need to know to get the very best start to your breastfeeding journey. I will get to know you and your situation as well as your partner and help you all feel confident and supported when it comes to feeding your baby. I’ll teach the science of lactation, using a mixture of evidenced  based medicine, humor, and experience. You’ll leave feeling empowered and prepared. Best of all? When you see me prenatally, you qualify for in-home visit after baby arrives!

Prenatal education consultation
(1 hour)  —  $100, in person or virtual

Prenatal Support

Virtual visits were not something I ever intended to offer, but grew to love the amount of people I was able to help when clinics closed and remote visits were the only option.

Bonus, I can help you anywhere you are! Virtual visits cover nearly all the same things in person visits do except my ability to weigh your baby. I will ask about weight gain trends and still be able to provide a lot of information. These are conducted via my secure, HIPPA compliant video service.

All virtual consults come with one week of follow up support via phone or email.

virtual visit (1-1.5 hours)  —  $200
Follow up visit  — $175

Virtual Visit

During an office visit, I will perform a thorough assessment on you and your baby. I will weigh your bay before and after a feed to to see exactly how much your baby is transferring. I’ll assess a feeding to help baby get an excellent latch in several positions. And if you’re pumping, I’ll assess your flange size. We will identify any barriers your baby is having and makin appropriate changes and if necessary, referrals to trusted providers. 

This is a safe space for you to bring up any concerns or questions you may have and after our meeting, I will write up a detailed care plan so you don’t have to worry about remembering anything. A report can be messaged to your doctor and pediatrician, if you wish.

If you have seen me prenatally, I will come to you for your initial visit! After baby is born, stay in your PJ's, I'll pack my bag and come to you. Everything I do in office I will bring to you. Leaving the house with a new baby is always a challenge and I am happy to make it easier on you! I expect your house to be messy... promise I won't judge.

All consults come with one week of follow up support via e-mail or phone.

Initial visit (1.5-2 hours)  —  $200
Follow up visit (1 hour) — $175

In-Office Visit

Do you know somebody that's expecting? Give a gift that will help them get them off to the very best start. You can have all the “stuff” but if you don’t have help when and where it matters, your breast feeding experience could be compromised. Imagine having someone already on speed dial to ask those tricky questions and to run fears and worries by. That’s exactly what gifting the gift of lactation care can do your for loved ones! Visits can be redeemed for a virtual or in person visit.

Prenatal  —  $100
after baby arrives  — $200
Prenatal + post delivery follow up — $275

Gift a Visit

The Process

Let's do  this.

You feel more confident, more comfortable, and feel like you’ve got this.

I send you (and your doctor and baby’s doctor, if you’d like) a plan of care summary. Yours will be packed with links about things we talked about so you can reference—mom brain is a real thing, I won’t expect you to remember everything!

If more questions come up within one week of our visit, you reach out via email or text and we come up with new plans.

you've got this


You realize your 1:00 AM sessions with google aren’t providing you the answers you need. You want individualized feeding guidance so you reach out.

We decide whether in-person or virtual works best and then set the date/time.

You stay put, comfy and cozy with babe, and DON'T clean. I know what it's like with a newborn and expect a little chaos—promise! If you come to me, it's a-ok with me you're in your pajamas!

Before we meet, you feed your baby just a little bit so he’s hungry, but not starving for our visit.

before we meet


I ask some health history questions about your delivery and journey so far, and assess you and baby. I'll weigh your baby and observe a nursing session and provide guidance on getting the best latch on both sides.

We do a second weight to see how much baby transferred and address any specific questions you may have before I go.

working together


Have questions? I've got answers! Visit the FAQ page here.

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