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Having a baby is both the most rewarding and most humbling experience out there. One second, you feel like you have everything under control, and the next you are wondering why anyone ever trusted you with this beautiful, tiny being that won’t stop screaming.

I also know that feeding your baby can feel like the most natural and beautiful thing you've ever done….and it can also be painful, exhausting, and fill you full of self-doubt. I am here to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals—your way. Using the latest research, 10+ years of experience (professional and personal), and a little bit of humor—I am here to help you feel confident on your breastfeeding journey. You will leave our consult with new tips, tricks, advice, and a new friend to lean on. It’s normal to need help when learning new things, and guess what?! You and your baby ARE learning something new together. I can help you both become experts in each other.

I understand there
are  beautiful  and  hard parts when it comes to breastfeeding... and at Vaca Leche, we celebrate  all of it.

I understand there are  beautiful and  hard parts  when it comes to breastfeeding... and at Vaca Leche, we celebrate  all of it.

I’ve been there. I get it.

Our practice is a judgment free zone


I'm a mama to 5 beautiful boys, registered nurse, certified bereavement doula, and internationally board certified lactation consultant in Sioux Falls, SD.

After having my first son who was slow to gain weight, I had to fight hard to keep breastfeeding. As a nurse, I thought I knew enough about breastfeeding that it would be easy…. But it wasn’t. Humbled, I sought out help from lactation consultants who not only provided guidance, but advocated for me and helped me to believe everything was going to be ok.

Hi, I'm  Sarah.

But most importantly, your breastfeeding bestie.

I returned to work as an ICU nurse when my son was 3 months old and navigated my own struggles of pumping and maintaining supply during long shifts. So when I had an opportunity to become a certified lactation consultant, I was primed and passionate to jump in with both teets! My responsibilities included assisting moms undergoing extreme medical crises maintain lactation per their wishes. It was incredibly rewarding to see these moms latch their baby for the first time… I was hooked. I have been committed to nursing mothers ever since!  

In 2023, I became a IBCLC and opened Vaca Leche to provide a space for parents to feel heard, respected and empowered with the knowledge and confidence to feed their baby, their way

The name comes from my married name, Vaca… which delightfully, means "cow" in Spanish. I’ve learned to embrace the name, because let’s be real, we all feel a little like a dairy cow at some point in our nursing journey!

Vaca leche means "cow milk" in spanish

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“I cannot recommend Sarah enough! She is  the reason  I’m still successfully breastfeeding. All moms  need a Sarah! "

-Morgan + Ava

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