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Bereavement support

Vaca Leche donates a portion of all profits to helping families after loss

My Personal Journey... I had three second trimester losses—Cadence Clare, Ryan Jesse, and Gabriel Gianna—The other five were first trimester losses… All of our losses hurt, no matter the gestation. I want you to feel safe reaching out no matter your story. Your baby matters. 

Beyond lactation care, caring for families experiencing the loss of their baby is a passion. I have experienced 8 losses myself and know first hand what a dark and lonely road it can be. I have 8 years of experience companioning alongside families going through the worst kind of goodbyes. With the assistance of my friends at Sufficient Grace Ministries, I help provide memory making materials, help families create a perinatal hospice plan when a diagnosis is made in pregnancy, and help support families after loss. I can even arrange to attend your birth and help facilitate bonding and memory making during your baby’s brief time here on earth. All of this is done at no charge to you. I will help connect you with resources and support groups so you never feel alone.

Compassionate care  for families experiencing pregnancy & infant loss.

In need of bereavement support? I'm here for you.

you are not alone

I worked as a bereavement doula in Wisconsin and at Penn State in Pennsylvania. When we moved to South Dakota, I wasn’t sure how to serve families in this capacity and considered stepping away from this work. In October of 2022, my beautiful nephew, Nathan James, was born and passed shortly after delivery. Walking through this grief with people I care deeply about gave me the push I needed to continue this work. I do this for my babies, as well as my nephew. Nobody should go through loss alone. 

Bereavement Services in  Honor  of...

my children—Cadence Clare (11/26/2009), Ryan Jesse (11/24/2013), and Gabriel Gianna (04/28/2014), and my nephew—Nathan James (10/24/2022).