Frequently Asked  Questions

Do you take insurance?

YES! I partner with the Lactation Network. Use this link to see if your insurance qualifies you for up to 6 visits with me at no charge to you!

If it does not qualify, I will provide you with a Superbill to submit to your insurance company. Call the number on your card to see if they will reimburse for out-of-network lactation care. I do not guarantee insurance coverage. 

can i pay CASH?

Yes! Many clients cash pay for my services. You can see prices here.


If you need help and cannot afford care, please reach out. I never want anyone to struggle alone and help guide you to the right place!

What do you do during a visit?

Usually, we start by talking about your birth, your baby, and your health history. Next, I weigh your baby on my fancy scale in nothing but a dry diaper. I will do an oral exam on baby and breast exam on mom . We will work on whatever feeding issue you are having. I usually ask to see what you've been doing and then we work together to improve the situation. I will weigh the baby again to see just how much the baby transferred when your baby has finished a nursing session. I may ask you to pump. Then, we sit and make a plan that works for your life. I will send you a visit summary within 24 hours.

How do I prepare for a visit?

After booking, I’ll send you a consent to treat and a health history form. Fill these out before the visit so we can get right to it when I arrive! Try to make sure baby is hungry but not starving when I arrive. If you need to do a short snack feeding while waiting for our scheduled time, please do. Make a list of questions you have for me. Have your pump, any bottles you are using, and your baby with you. We will try to latch where you most often feed the baby so you can practice in your favorite nursing spot with guidance. Please don’t worry about cleaning for me. I expect laundry and dirty dishes… having a perfectly clean house and a newborn (especially one with feeding challenges) is not a realistic goal. 

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